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Biodynamic preps. Vitality of 500.

We finished our path underlining the importance of using both preps, 500-501.
They are like "hand and mind".
If 501 helps leaves and shoots on growing in the right way, so that their flowers and then grapes will be healthy, is thanks to 500.
Indeed, 500 prep, within roots, allowds plant on growing and express itself.

Rudolf Steiner compares roots with our mind, it also elaborates an input which determines our fisical state.
Giovenale's statement "mens sana in corpore sano" is often misunderstood, infact, it's not enough to have an healthy body in order to have an healthy state of mind, actually it means both body and mind must stay in good health.

When roots are in a fertil land, they are able on bringing up to the top all necessary information that allowd the growing of a plant.
500 firstly works on soil.
In a non fertil soil you will find few of the same plants and also flavours.
A good structured soil, is absolutely vital.
500 is an innovative prep because you use only 100-300gr/ha for every treatment.
Biodynamic is a philosophy for those who want to see from another point of view both man and land.
Unfortunately 500 and 501 are not enough.
We must pay attention on how we stir or we relate to the soil.
Soil's loss of structure, happens when it is stressed by atmospheric phenomenons or heavy exploitation of soil.
Think about how much different is the soil in a wood from that one cultivated; and the fundamental difference is the number of roots that thanks to earthworms and humus can grow stronger and nourishing soil.
In grape growing there's a real danger of compactness of soil.
This happens because of the tractors working the land in order to help soil "breathing".
On the other hand spontaneous herb is poor on flavours.
It could be more easy if we do less millings or shredder and if we use low quantities of phytopharmaceutical products.
Think about on other ways of fertilizing and using green manure not just to bring organic substances, but also to create a good soil's structure thanks to roots.
500 prep must be mould on St Michael's days.
It is a rainy time and so cows will eat good hay and make better manure.
See you soon with stirring.

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