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Bee, cow and earthworm.

What do can have in common an insect, a mammal and an annelids?
In a beehive organization, the concept of ego is expressed in the unicity of a family that doesn't need any other family next door.
In cows, is expressed also the concept of ego, but within a group.
She needs staying together with others, not in order to create a family, but in order to know herself through other cows.
From earthworms we learn the concept of humus (mull), which is the bearer of a potential ego to soil, plants and roots.

Because a bee lives closely with sun, flora and air, allows cow to find its vital food that, once transformed by the digestive process, gives soil organic substances that produces humus, thanks to mushrooms, bacteriums, actinobacterium and earthworms.
Earthworms are the best transformers of organic material.
They live in wet and dark places, digging galleries that bring air and water to the soil and producing humus.
On the other hand, bees are the connection between sky and plants.
Some of them, as queenbees and worker bees, like in the sun cycle, take 16 and 21 days for their growth, while drones take 24 or 25 days for it, just like how much the sun takes to complete his revolution around earth, getting far from the pure essence of light.
Bees make their cells with the wax they produce from their own, following an exagonal scheme and laying eggs in a spiral system.
Both quartz and wax are bearer of light.
Light is a form message, as 501 shows us.
Queen bee is strictly connected to the sun, born in the center of the beehive, expanding herself with worker bees, like blood, drones are the neuronal system(R.Steiner).
Every beehive is a real example of a unique individuality constituted by more entities, like a family.
As agriculture is a social action.

Cow is the heavenly archetype for hinduists wich see in her the perfect kind of love for how she breeds her calf.
She is protected from butchery since agriculture has developed and saw in cows an help for working soils, allowing a vegetarian feeding.
She's the last level of reincarnation before becoming human beings.
When cows die, their horns are taken away, allowing the transformation of their own manure in colloidal humus (500), or transforming quartz powder in precious 501, that helps cultivated plants.
To some cows, horns are taken away when they're still alive for avoiding they hurt each others.
Useful horns are the ones from a cow that has give birth once in her life.
During pregnancy indeed, frontal sinuses increase and get closer with rumen's gas and cranium oestroflexions, so that her brain activity decreases, and letting to manure a good dose of potential "ego" by whom will originate, thanks also to earthworms, humus.
Three different kinds of species working together, with the only aim of doing what they are made for.
A good balance between heart, mind and body. That every single farmer should have.

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