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Stirring. A creative act.

We have already talked about 500 and 501 that, with other biodynamics preps, need to be stirred before being piped.

Writing about this "act", that at first sight may reconduct to omeopatic practices, will not be easy, and i apologize for possible omissions, it never stop on increasing its own experience. Understanding the "essence" of starring without knowing elements like cow horn and others, it's an invitation for you on trusting me and go on together in this path.

In my personal experience of biodynamic, a writer was really important for me: Alex Podolinsky. He is a very pragmatic author and in his "Bio-dynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures, Vol. 1,"you will find an amazing description about this wonderful act of "activation".

Theodor Schwenk, one of Podollinsky's inspirer, talked about flow forms...it is a very large, variegated and becoming field, that it will let you breathless for his beauty.

"It is necessary bring on a closer touch water and horn's elements; you must stir in a rotatory motion beginning from the outskirt in order to create a central whirlpool in wich his apex almost touches the bottom, so that everything start moving. Then you invert whirlpool rotation. Doing this for an hour, yuo will get a deep compenetration between all the elements". R. Steiner.


Reading these words we suddenly notice an elements of wich we'll must talk about: water. If you remind about the formative role of Light and 501, it's just from water and its connection with moon that originates every living form, that will be shaped in order to join its final form.

Now, you can imagine the importance of as clear as possible water, in which oxygene and light can f penetrate for first and allowd to other the informations to express in the best way. Another important element is the Horn. Looking at the horn from a physical poin of view, try to imagine an upside-down cow horn and a church tower.

Now imagine a vortex. Think about solar attraction and every single planet which makes a particular deed useful to

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