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Nettle and Equisetum. A perfect marriage.

Equiseto per Decotti e Tisane Piombaia Montalcino
Urticaceae: herbaceous plants, with simple leaves, stipuled or not.
Its flowers are small and they can be monoecious, dioecious or polygamous.
Leaves are toothed, ovate, heart-shaped and briefely acuminate, with as large as long blade.
Likes wet and dark places. E. Baroni.


Equisetaceae: sometimes called the horsetail family, is the only surviving family of the Equisetales, it grew in the late Devonian.
It has an articulated subterranean rootstock (rhizome) and posseses a simple or ribbed stem.
This is one of those cases in which diversity is shown in all its beauty and thruth.

Both live in wet places and in presence of water and, as we all know, from water many things are originated, most of which are visible to us.
Our body is composed for the largest part by water, not wine...
So, water, shaped by something that contains it, just like air, is the element that links those plants.
Even when we walk or swim, we are giving a shape to air or water, as a fish, a bird or a plant can do, from inside to outside, we both are sculpture and sculptor.


The biggest difference between nettle and equisetum is shape.
Nettle loves shadows, with its large leaves covering its own timid flowers, they do not push high their seeds as wheat does, nettles don't like sun very much like equisetum.
It needs to be formed and shaped by the sun.
It is totally composed by silica and sunlight.

These plants have been used for centuries both for cooking, in medicine and also in farming.
When you see these plants, you will be better pick them up and disiccate, so that you cane use them all year long.
As regards farming, they are used in order to harmonize elements, specially the liquid one with nettles, and light and form with equisetum.
Mushrooms doesn't like this, they cannot live in balance with other elements.

In biodynamic, 505 prep composed with nettles, is central between the other preps, in particular while you are preparing heaps or 500k prep, just because it matches all the elements.
Equisetum is used in its essential form, silica in 501...
You have to know that if nettle work with the liquid element, it also works with mushrooms, and you risk to push up mushrooms by soil to plants, that's why you need equisetum to restore the right level of mushrooms that must stay on soil.
A macerate made with nettles and spread on soil is a godsend for micro-organisms and soil's care.
On the web you can find a lot of recipes to get able using these important plants.
"Llimestone is greedy, while silica doesn't ask anything more; it is like our sense-organs, which do not know nothing about their real nature, they just know exterior things.
Silica is the outer and general earth's sense organism, calcium its hunger... clay is the link.
Limestone is greedy because he wants everything, while silica it's like a gentleman that stoles to limestone everything he needs to get in the atmosphere and gives shape to plants...like the horsetail, for example...or maybe just like someone finely divided even in omeopatic dose. R. Steiner


"She's the benefactress of vegetal growing, and she can't be replaced with anyother plant...She brings with her that element in contact with spiritual forces, sulphur, helping calcium, potassium and iron in their diffusion..." R. Steiner


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