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Filippo ferrari

1986 – Terra – Chi – I Settennio

On Easter Monday 7 years earlier I revealed the world, while Gaia occupied our parents only for 14 months. Being almost peers was strategic for us, a little less for them. Already living in the springs without relatives at hand, they were forced to use nature as a baby sitter to "boss" of fantastic foreign Tate. Family education, has been vast and rigorous, pleasantly based on principles of spiritual self-sufficiency and material, love and not passion for nature and life with her. The Master of Elementary, with a similar path, taught me the importance of judging only my thoughts, so as to act with respect. The middle and the first high school, they imposed the other side of the coin. Professors divorced from the task of creating a link between the time of Italian and that of physics, unable to explain the method for which all those subjects together, would have made us understand our Terroir and therefore ourselves.


2000 – Dimensione – Cosa – III Settennio

21 years old. 6 of the scientific high school concluded with the task of white mathematics candid, saved from Impressionism applied to all subjects. Even at the university, I measured everything on the basis of the realization, not the expectation created. I rejoiced at the effect of a pesticide not residual but I could only expect to do it again the following year. Thanks to classical science we can cure but the poor value recognized to certain practices of prevention, it leads to repeat the same gestures. It would still seem an example of the necessary interaction of seemingly irreconcilable thoughts. In 2003, a few months from the thesis, I found in the writings of R. Steiner a different method to solve the same questions and life, imposed on me the violent detachment from Gaia, while our father was in the end of life at the hospital. With time, living and working to understand and share the because of one thing and not just the like, it seemed to me the most natural choice. The anthroposophy, basing the intuitive thought on scientific knowledge, made me trust his method of observation and perception of reality in which man is called by nature to seek and offer points of view, aimed at interacting with everything on the basis of What it is, not what it arouses us or that is for us.


2014 – Forma – Come – V Settennio

35 years. The period indicated as that of the greater awareness for the male sex. These are the years in which the passage of time is pressing to reach the dimension created by its vital needs, in order to give a form to its own living space. As you can see in certain films of friendly people from a lifetime, in those minutes oozing with objectivity and healthy cynicism. With Beatrice, we have in common the desire to live this engaging work, with less emotionality, criticism and judgement to give to the products transformed by man, the role of instrument necessary to an evolution that has a solid roots.



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