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For organic and biodynamic production we mean those defined by the Reg. EEC 2092/91 and subsequent modifications and additions, as well as the provisions of national and regional regulations in application of the community legislation.

Consumption and biodynamic, consciously choose what we drink and eat every day, VBpB reserves the possibility of collaborations with producers, transformers, retailers, professionals and virtuous realities considered consistent with our Idea and always in line with the ethics of this site.

These collaborations, of a commercial / advertising nature, can be carried out in two ways:

- Sponsored posts: articles prepared for financial compensation with a choice addressed to a specialized and already selected target

- Banner Advertising: VBpB provides commercial space on the web for promotional messages and "online marketing promotion" strategies.

For information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The selection of sponsors is based on a code of ethics of their own and unappealable, no reviews are welcome comments inopportune or defamatory against those who support this site.

VBpB also adheres to the Code of Good Practices of Bloggers promoted by Mommit as ADV Pro. (Http://mommit.com/)


In the absence of direct sponsors who opt for them, these spaces can be occupied by Google Adsense ads: anyone who will view a blog page will receive a cookie that will aggregate its favorite content. This cookie system will be associated to the browser and not to the identity of the visitor that can not be identified in any way: this data, in fact, does not include name, address, email address or telephone number but have the sole purpose of creating advertisements on products and services relevant to their interests. These cookies can be rejected, blocked and / or deleted via the standard browser functions. For more information visit this link

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