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Some loves never end. Pallò.

Pallo 1

When certain situations reappear unforeseen, it happens to reflect on the path that brought you to the present.
It all started in 2009, the year in which I had in mind to make a white wine from Trebbiano, Malvasia and San Colomba for the Tenuta Belvedere in Florence, with which I shared principles and practice of biodynamics.

At the time I used to use very carefully the oak containers after the 3rd passage and I did not share the very common intent, both technically and economically, to produce everywhere of wines capable of interacting with wood.

So, in evaluating the most concrete process for the objective, I realized that the Artenova furnace was discovering or rediscovering, the role of Tuscan terracotta in the processing of grapes and wine. I immediately believed in the project.

The unknowns were many, two of which are not irrelevant: the seal with relative porosity of the terracotta and the closure.
The beeswax to coat the interior and the intuition that I had to use the stainless steel manholes, have made the need for a rotary support that would allow the amphora not to rest on the floor or platforms and improve the technical performance, While facilitating cellar operations.

The steel closure has been confirmed to be valid and is still used, with the only limit to bring the filler/kettle that does not allow to obtain the vacuum effect necessary for the oxygenation process and to avoid the risk of oxidation, especially for small containers.


In fact the amphorae made in the 2009, still seems to me the only point of arrival for the Tuscan terracotta. I used them whenever possible, as well as by Belvedere and also by Andrea Scovero in Piedmont, at the Fattoria di Poggiopiano in Florence and in the company of mine, Fattoria Le Sorgenti.

Sure of what I wrote, accomplice perhaps the heat of this summer, I responded to the invitation of Massimo Carbone, of the homonymous furnace, in a direct way and without expectations.

I went to him to know him (thanks to Patrizia Bosetti, dear friend, who presented us!) to tell him that it would be useless to try to create a container in terracotta complementary-and not copy-of those already produced.

It is impossible to shape an amphora with an external surface that is evenly uniform, to be placed on an ideal rotary support and with a self-tightening closure, to enhance the shape and the material chosen.

But the enthusiasm of Massimo's collaborators, two young brothers Francesca and Davide, who were also born in the Pallo ward, one of the districts of Impruneta that together with the others, give life every year to the ancient Grape festival, made us reflect. To disappoint the desire to try based, for Francesca, on the concreteness of our thoughts and experiences, would have been cynical, according to Beatrice, then it began.
Them with the clay, us with a flipchart.

While we realized that nothing was needed to create a regular form, not even a plaster mould, maximum with extreme serenity, decided to proceed by hand, especially to realize the terracotta closure. The goal of being able to marry her with a revolving support was realizing, even in the aesthetic value. We order the wheels, we make the support and cook the first Pallò.
All ready for the test.

lavorazione 16 copia

The self closing locking with double bottom, gasket and air chamber, works perfectly and you decide to patent it. The stainless steel required for the rigidity of the support, was therefore deprived of an aesthetic function to restart from functionality and safety, with the aim of continuing to look for the right way to obtain the visual aspect for which Pallò was born.

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A more aware view of nature and its ability to support the work of man, allows to take care of fundamental details, trying useless to cultivate thinking, for example, to fight diseases instead of preventing them, manage the soil so Expensive instead of increasing its value, resorting to O.G.M. and not experiencing different management systems with practices aimed at solving the effect, not the cause.

It is not a question of returning to the past by denying the present but of making its own, of new viewpoints, with the aim of improving the quality of work, increasing the value of the earth, reducing costs for raw materials and having more resources for human work.


The point of view of the man who is in his task as an interpreter, director, producer and user, of that same Terroir that we are used to attribute exclusively to the product with which we are interacting. Assumed the natural attitude of the producer/transformer, to be the first customer of himself, we undertake a work path that requires a growing knowledge and a vital self-criticism.

The goal, can be to rediscover the sense of its actions in relation to the context to give to the work, the role of dimension where to express their own being, not only satisfy their own needs. To put ourselves just enough of us, until we lose the humility due to the role that we have chosen, is more sustainable, sociable and professional to give form to something to express only its "ego". It becomes spontaneous and virtuous, respecting the social value of its work to offer its senses and those of others, what they really need and that is lacking in all those products made and not created.


Keeping the point of view for which the consumer must adapt to the proposed offer, instead of seeing himself recognized as the creator's role together with the others, of that social fabric that has formed the same offer, marketing and price strategies, will be the Unique routes, with obvious market crises.

The personal dissatisfaction that ensues, leads to the emergence of countless attempts to affirm the most disparate philosophies and ideologies, from those who use only the retailers, to those who go only to the market local or in the shops of the neighborhood, from the omnivorous, vegetarian, Vegan or raw, to those who consume only bio or just want to hear about it. The glaring demonstration is that the consumer is called to play an uncomfortable role that obliges him to protect himself, instead of receiving information and examples useful to improve that innate aptitude to understand the goodness and quality of a bread, a coffee, a dough, a sweet , even without making technical or emotional courses.

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